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Severance CO real estate information. If you're in the market for Severance CO real estate, these details might be of interest. All in all, you can expect to find about 60 to 75 homes for sale in Severance. These will all be single family residences, no condos or townhomes. Most will be modern, new and roomy on generous-sized lots. Prices average about $268K, going as low as $120K and as high as $825K. The largest numbers of Severance CO homes for sale will be clustered around the $230K price point.

Severance, Colorado: a brief history. From the time it was founded around the 160-acre homestead of David E. Severance in 1881, Severance remained, until 1957, a quiet agricultural and cattle ranching community. Its location on Colorado’s Highway 74 in Northern Weld County offered residents a life on the unspoiled prairie with sweeping views of the Rockies to the west, but nothing much distinguished Severance from its surrounding small-town neighbors until Bruce Ruth, in 1957, opened a small bar and dance hall, Bruce’s Bar, on 1st Street. The bar struggled for about two years, and then Ruth hit on an idea which would immortalize both himself, and Severance, in Colorado culture.

Taking advantage of the ready supply of meats available from nearby cattle processing plants, Ruth ordered a specific type of organ meat, sliced it thin, dipped it into a mixture of bread crumbs and spices of his own recipe, deep-fried it, and served it with dipping sauce. Calling the concoction “Rocky Mountain Oysters” and selling it as an “all-you-can-eat” item, he was eventually going through two tons of that specific organ meat each month.

The novelty of the item brought tourists; the “all-you-can-eat” feature brought bikers; and no one really knows what brought John Wayne, Julia Roberts, and even George W. Bush to Bruce’s Bar. But even the Rocky Mountain Oysters could not keep Severance’s businesses from declining, and by the 1970s the town’s population had fallen below 60. It struggled along with an economy based on potato, sugar beet, and onion farming – and of course cattle.

In the 1990s, however, as Weld County and the Fort Collins/Greeley area began to see explosive growth, Severance began its transition to a thriving satellite community for those towns. The population of 624 people living in Severance CO homes at the last census includes people not only in the central town district but also those who live in the wild patchwork of zigzag land patterns annexed by the town as new areas have opened up to development.

Severance attractions:

  • Severance is within 25 minutes of Fort Collins and Colorado State University. Fort Collins is also home to six breweries, including Anheuser-Busch, and all of them offer free tastings.
  • The nearby Cache de La Poudre River is famous for its whitewater rafting trips.
  • The Farm at Lee Martinez Park has a petting zoo and a farming museum geared to children.
  • Fort Fun, with its 36-hole miniature golf course, arcade, and rides, is also a kiddie magnet.
  • And for the grown-up golfing set, the Severance-Fort Collins area, there are six courses either in Fort Collins or within six miles of its downtown.

Severance today. When Money Magazine named Fort Collins the #1 place to live in America in 2006, they were merely affirming what many people had discovered about the Fort Collins/Greeley area beginning in the 1990s. And Severance has been one of the towns most benefiting from that discovery. Since 2000, Severance has nearly quadrupled in population, and currently has sixteen distinct subdivisions.

Eastman Kodak, State Farm Insurance, Hewlett Packard, and several other major businesses have established regional offices close to Severance, and they appear to be only the first among a continuing stream of major employers looking at northern Weld County with a great deal of interest.

Bruce Ruth died in August 2006, and Bruce’s Bar closed its doors in February 2007. Severance’s appeal, though, even without its beloved Rocky Mountain Oysters, is greater than ever!

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