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Milliken CO real estate information. If you’re contemplating buying Milliken CO real estate, these details just might be useful. On average, you will find anywhere from 95 to 120 Milliken CO homes for sale (of which 5 to 10 will be condos or townhomes.) The prices for single family residences average about $226K, while the average sticker price of a townhome/condo is approximately $184K. Prices can be as low as $80K and on the high end you will find a few homes selling in the high 700s.)

Milliken, Colorado: a brief history. Milliken was incorporated in 1910 one-half mile east of the village of Hillsboro, where George Hill had built a ranch and stage stop in west-central Weld County. Hillsboro’s farmers flourished thanks to an irrigation system devised by W.R. Adams of Greeley. In 1909 engineers from the Denver, Laramie, and Northwestern Railroad chose a spot half a mile east of Hillsboro as a station for its new track line from Denver to the coalfields of western Wyoming. John Milliken, a lawyer for the railroad, honored himself by naming the new community Milliken. Before it was officially incorporated in 1910, the town had a grocery, lumber mill, and hotel. They were followed, in 1911, by the Daniels School, which is now on the National Register of Historic Places. Within a few years the town was hit by a series of fires which destroyed several of its businesses. Then, as the railroads were supplanted by state and Interstate highway systems, Milliken’s chances of becoming a commercial hub between Denver and Wyoming vanished. The town remained a scenic farming community in the valley formed by the Big Thompson and Little Thompson Creeks, with its streets still unpaved as recently as the 1980s.

Milliken attractions. Milliken is situated about 25 minutes southeast of Loveland, and 35 minutes from Fort Collins. It is close to the employment centers of both. Its proximity to the Colorado State University campuses in Fort Collins and Greeley make it an attractive choice for faculty and staff of both of those institutions. Nearby Loveland is home to both Boyd Lake and Lory State Parks, where watersports lovers and fishermen will find more than enough to keep them occupied.

  • Each park has an extensive trail system for hikers and cyclists; Lory State Park also has its own stables and a 320-acre cross-country jumping course.
  • For golfers, Milliken has the Mad Russian public course.
  • For mountain enthusiasts, Milliken, a Front Range community, is a little over an hour from Estes and Rocky Mountain National Parks.
  • Downtown Denver, with all its shopping, dining, sporting, and cultural offerings, is only an hour away.

Milliken today. Their proximity to the rapidly developing I-25 corridor has seen Milliken and Johnstown join forces in preparing the Johnstown/Milliken Parks, Trails, Recreation and Open Space Master Plan. This plan will ensure that the open spaces of the two communities are protected in the face of the explosive growth expected in the area over the next decades. Milliken, with its convenient access to the Loveland-Greeley-Fort Collins triangle, can offer new residents a small-town feeling combined with a stable economic future.

Population statistics for Milliken Colorado. The population in the city of Milliken as of the last census was 2909, and there were 903 housing units. With the number of Milliken CO homes for sale varying as much as it does, your timing could be an important factor in what you might pay for the home you are thinking of buying.

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