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Let’s talk about Loveland, CO real estate. If your first thought of Loveland is a ski resort, we have to tell you that’s a frequent misunderstanding with new and future Coloradans. The town is about a hundred miles from the famous ski area with the similar name. The nearest real ski slopes to this pretty city are at Eldora, about half that distance. Here in Loveland (Don’t you just love saying that?) you are right at the base of the foothills of the majestic Rocky Mountains, surrounded by rich agricultural land. There’s plenty of room for horses, bike trails, and an active Colorado lifestyle; moreover, and uniquely so, you will find there is a tangible artistic feel to the city. Loveland is rich in both opportunity and spectacular scenery. Denver is a 40 minute drive and Rocky Mountain Park is just a half hour away offering unlimited opportunity to enjoy nature – hiking, camping, snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, whatever you like. In and around the city there are challenging golf courses and a wealth of open space and parks.

Close to its larger neighbor Fort Collins which is the county seat of Larimer County, the city of Loveland is usually considered to be part of the Fort Collins metropolitan area. This is a wonderful situation for those who like multiple entertainment opportunities and diversity. Loveland CO homes are close to many shopping malls, and the Budweiser Events Center is a major regional venue for big-time competitions, exhibitions and concerts. There is also a great love of art in the city and many artists live in Loveland. The city has three foundries, an art museum and an annual outdoor sculpture show, The Sculpture in the Park Show. Parks and other public places in the city feature well over 200 pieces of sculpture and other artwork, mostly in bronze, showing off the skills of artists and foundries.

The city of Loveland also has a great sense of whimsy as is evidenced every February. Making use of the city’s romantic name, volunteers get together to provide a remailing service where one can send a Valentine in a larger envelope and have it remailed with a special postmark from the Loveland post office. Your sweetheart receives his or her card straight from a city whose very name is about Love. What could be more romantic?

How about homes? They can be romantic, and there’s certainly an appeal in that. If you’re looking for Loveland CO homes for sale, There’s romance in the fact that there is a healthy range of choices for you. Listings in the last few years have ranged around the 1,000 mark at any given time, seasonally varying from a midsummer high of 1,064 to the 900 range in the winter months. A slight downtrend in the number of listings was observed in January 2007, with 830 homes available. Median prices were steady or very slightly declining, from $214K at the beginning of 2006 to $211K in January 07. Average prices of homes for sale in Loveland CO were pretty steady but with a slight increase (January 2006 $261K, to $270K mid-summer, to $227K in January 2007), reflecting an increase in the number of higher priced homes on the market relative to the median. Prices range from $55K for, well, “something that would take some work” to 3 or 4 million dollars. The largest numbers of listings are generally found in the $205K to $238K category. See, we told you it would be romantic.

Ah, the romance of the railroad. (OK, you’re right, that’s a stretch.) Loveland was originally a railroad town founded in 1877 along the Colorado Central Railroad lines. It was named in honor of the president of the rail line, William A.H. Loveland. The area was largely agricultural and for many years, sugar beets and cherries were the main products of the city. During the late 1920’s, the Spring Glade Orchard was producing over a million dollars worth of cherries per year but this was not to last. Nature had other plans for the city and devastated the cherry crops all over Northern Colorado by way of droughts, blight and harsh freezes until the orchards eventually closed their production of cherries in 1960.

Life, however, always finds a way to prevail. In a town like Loveland which was destined to grow, you just can’t stop the growth. Major companies such as Hewlett Packard, Teledyne and Hach began to look into the city’s growth and potential and made their own investments by opening factories and offering employment. A new regional medical center reflects the same confidence in the future, which is the common denominator in the “lovely” growth this city has enjoyed.

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