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LaPorte CO real estate. First off, let’s get straight about the name. It means the door, or more like “the gateway.” We’ll get back to the reason for that in a moment. Now if were speaking French, it would be written “la Porte” with two words and with the small letter for “la” even though it’s a place name. Over the years we’ve decided to squeeze the two words together, and we spell it LaPorte with the big L and the big P thank you very much. We’ve gotten used to the fact that even the Highway Department gets lazy about that big P in the middle. We often see it written Laporte, in things written by people who live in places with less natural beauty and charm.

So let’s get down to business. LaPorte CO real estate is a limited commodity, with at most 40 or so homes for sale at the peak of the summer season and half that when things slow down in the colder months. That’s not very many for a town of 2700 people, with around 1100 housing units total. About ten percent of the Laporte CO homes for sale at any given time will be condos or townhomes, and the rest single family homes. The average price of single family homes is approximately $370K – with the largest numbers in the mid-200s bracket – while the going price of a townhome/condo averages approximately $117K. You will occasionally find homes priced as low as $70K, and the top of the line homes may go as high as $1.5 million.

History of LaPorte. When frontiersman Kit Carson brought his band of fur trappers to the headwaters of the Poudre River in 1849, the area had already been home to a few settlers for over twenty years, and to Arapahoe Indians for long before that. The trappers organized a town company and it quickly grew to over 50 log structures. In 1861 when the first Legislative Assembly of the new Territory of Colorado convened, La Porte was designated county seat of Larimer, one of the 17 original counties of the new Territory. It was, after all, “the gateway” to the fur-rich mountains that were the source of all the trading and economic activity of the region. With its strategic trade route location, La Porte served as the headquarters for the Overland Trail Stage Route’s Mountain Division.

LaPorte quickly benefited from the traffic of westward-bound emigrants, and at one point was the territory’s most significant settlement north of Denver. It housed the 13th Kansas Infantry, which acted as an escort to the Overland Stages. In 1864, their camp was destroyed in a flood, and Army Col. Collins moved his troop six miles downstream at what is now Fort Collins.

In 1881, LaPorte’s fortunes took a dramatic turn when Denver defeated it, by one vote, in the state election to choose Colorado’s capital. Denver became Denver, and LaPorte remains a small town nestled in the staggeringly beautiful wilderness of the Cache de Poudre River Valley.

LaPorte attractions. Close to where the Poudre River emerges from the Rocky Mountains, LaPorte CO homes offer access to Cache la Poudre Wilderness Area. The Wilderness Area’s northern boundary lies along Highway 14 and the main fork of the River, and the waters of the Poudre River and its South Fork are renowned for their trout fishing. The interior of the Wilderness, however, with its granite outcroppings and forests of pines and fir trees, remains largely untouched. The paved Mount McConnell Trail ends after three miles and then hikers must depend for their progress on the faint paths left by the footsteps of adventurous fishermen. As the Poudre River continues along Highway 14, its many rapids make it a favorite of whitewater rafters. Turning toward city attractions, LaPorte is also within minutes of all the amenities of Fort Collins and, a little farther, Denver. Fort Collins is a college town with all that implies – a lively social scene, things to do and places to go. Fort Collins also has, by the wildest of coincidences, three breweries. These include the Anheuser Busch Brewery and its famous Clydesdales. All the breweries offer tours and tasting. There are the miles and miles of the Fort Collins Area Trails System, and the Discovery Science Center Museum has over 130 interactive exhibits to appeal to even the least scientifically inclined kids. And don’t overlook nearby Lory State Park and Horsetooth Reservoir. The park’s stables, Arthur’s Rock Equestrian Trail and 320-acre cross-country jumping area make it a must for horse lovers. And as for Denver, as we mentioned before, well, it’s Denver! Denver has everything.

LaPorte today A nine-member LaPorte Area Planning Advisory Committee has been appointed by the Larimer County Planning commission to offer advice on land-use proposals. But many LaPorte residents are determined that their town retain an identity separate from Fort Collins. Growth is likely in LaPorte’s future, but not at the cost of its historic past.

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