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La Salle CO real estate information. If you’re ready to get serious about looking for La Salle CO homes, we’ll start here. At any given time, you might expect to find only about 20 to 30 La Salle CO homes for sale. There may be a condo or townhome on the market once in a while, but mostly the market consists of single family detached homes. The average prices are in the mid $100K to $200K range, with large variations in the average depending on the presence or absence of a few homes in the higher price brackets. The bottom rung can be as low as $49,900 for the rare fixer, and the top of the line homes can be up in the $600K range.

La Salle, Colorado: a brief history. La Salle, like many of Weld County’s communities, owes its existence to the railroads which came to Colorado in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. During that period, Weld County saw a boom in the sugar beet farming and processing industries. La Salle, only four miles from the county seat at Greeley, saw the arrival of German and Russian settlers. They came to farm and work for the Union Pacific railroad, whose main switching yard for their Cheyenne to Denver route is located at La Salle. The town was incorporated in 1910, and named for French explorer Robert La Salle (That would be Ro-bair, or if you want to be exact, René-Robert Cavelier, Sieur de La Salle). In 1682, he claimed all of the land west of the Alleghenies and east of the Rocky Mountains for the throne of France, without ever having crossed the Mississippi River. One might wonder at the motivation of the German and Russian settlers for naming their town after such a presumptuous fellow – the Gaul!

La Salle location and attractions. La Salle is just south of the South Platte River, which serves as a boundary between the town and its neighbors Greeley and Evans. Weld County is the third largest agricultural area in the U.S., and La Salle offers easy access to its wide open spaces along U.S. Highway 85. As a Front Range community, La Salle is about eighty miles from Estes and Rocky Mountain National Parks, the peaks of which are visible to the west. Birdwatchers willing to wait for shore water levels to rise will be well-rewarded by visiting Lower Latham Reservoir and the nearby marshes of Beebee Draw. Neighboring Greeley offers the Boomerang Links and Highland Hills Public Golf Courses. For those interested in seeing the Colorado prairies in a pristine state, The Pawnee National Grassland lies in a remote part of Weld County about thirty miles to the northeast. The Grasslands contain 193,000 acres of windswept plains, bluffs, and buttes, and are home to prairie dog colonies, pronghorn antelope, coyote, mule deer, and bird species too numerous to count. There are trails for hikers, horseback riders, and campers, and picnic facilities for those who only have a few hours to visit.

Dining recommendations. Right in the heart of La Salle there are two favorites, Farmers Inn on 3rd Avenue and Don Juan right around the corner on 2nd. Both are family owned and feature good Mexican food at low prices. Careful – don’t fill up on the chips and salsa or you’ll regret it when you see the generous size of the portions served at the meal. Friday and Saturday evenings get pretty busy so come early if you want to avoid waiting. Tuesdays are Margarita nights at Farmers Inn, and their Margaritas are excellent. Going a little farther afield, you can enjoy fresh Southwestern cuisine atCoyote’s Southwestern Grill in Greeley. Both burritos and Tequila Lime Chicken are highly recommended, and the staff is helpful and friendly. You will also enjoy the Palomino Mexican Restaurant in Evans, with its “Sangria Swirls” and fajitas prepared from family recipes. It’s a favorite with locals, and the weekday Breakfast Burritos are worth getting up early for. On Sundays, kids eat free!

LaSalle today. LaSalle is a stable community with a population which has remained constant at about 1,900 residents for the past two decades. While the town anticipates some growth as Colorado’s Front Range becomes increasingly developed, the growth will be restricted both by the limited amount of land (0.7 square mile) within in the city limits, and by the guidelines established in LaSalle’s 1999 Growth Plan.

Population statistics for La Salle Colorado. The population in the city of La Salle at the last census was 1,870, and there were 678 housing units. The total number of homes available for sale compared to the total number of housing units can be a great benchmark of whether a certain city has an oversupply or an undersupply at the time you are thinking of buying. Seasonal or other variations in the number of La Salle Co homes for sale could make a big difference in how you structure your offer.

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