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Living in Fort Collins. If youíre thinking about buying a home in Fort Collins Colorado, youíre making a great decision according to Money Magazine. Their comprehensive study of Best Places to Live 2006 throughout the entire United States rated Fort Collins at the top of the list.

About the area. Nestled against the foothills of the Colorado Rocky Mountains, Fort Collins CO provides many recreational activities, dozens of cultural attractions, a great nighlife, and a wonderful College-town style of life. Fort Collins real estate owners can feel secure in their investments not only because of all of these amenities, but because millions of readers who took the Money Magazine survey agree with them. Fort Collins Colorado real estate real estate inquiries have over doubled since the article was published. This increased interest in the area has helped keep sales going strong compared to a much slower time of year across the rest of the state.

Housing Market in Fort Collins. The average asking price of a home in Fort Collins at the time this article was written was about $315,000, and the median home price is $251,000. The large difference between average and median prices is an indicator that there are a lot more inexpensive homes pulling down the average price. (Watch out for cities where the median is much higher than the average price. That is in indicator of many more expensive homes pulling up prices, and in a soft economy, the expensive homes tend to drop at a higher rate than inexpensive homes.) Average asking prices for homes fluctuate by about 15%, so check with your Fort Collins real estate expert for current asking prices. The Fort Collins area has several towns surrounding it, but Fort Collins alone has at least 1400 homes for sale at any given time Ė let alone the surrounding communities.

According to Business 2.0 magazine, Fort Collins real estate was rated the 9th best real estate investement in the country. This is based on analystsí forecast studies that project the growth rates of cities across the country. Fort Collins is projected to increase 28% over the next 5 years. (Not price change, but growth. That is massive growth!) For more details, take a look at the article entitled ďWhere to buy now.Ē Consider that along with city's rating of 14th among 200 cities ranked nationally by Outdoor Life magazine in its April 2008 issue. This made Fort Collins the highest-rated city in Colorado for hunting and fishing in America. A combintion like that is hard to beat.

The closest town to Fort Collins is Bellvue Colorado. You can check out Bellvue or any of the other towns in the area with the menu on the left. Come back to Fort Collins the same way if, like so many other homebuyers, you find itís the place for you.

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