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What does Broomfield have to offer? The city of Broomfield is located close to Denver, CO. It lies approximately 15 to 25 minutes from either Boulder or Denver andt is a just little over 30 minutes from Denver International Airport. Broomfield’s Flatiron Shopping Center provides entertainment and shopping to residents and visitors from miles around, and the Broomfield Recreation center is another Broomfield attraction definitely worth checking out. Broomfield has two great school districts: The Adams Twelve Five Star Schools and Boulder Valley School District.

Do you love sports or are you an outdoor enthusiast? If you are an avid sports fan who just can’t get enough of the 8 Professional Denver sports teams or you simply don’t want to drive into Denver, you’re in luck. There are two semi-pro teams in Broomfield. They are the Rocky Mountain Rage in hockey and the Colorado 14ers, the 2007 NBA Development League Western Division Postseason Champions. It doesn’t hurt to mention that tickets for these venues are a fraction of the price for the major league sports in Denver. If you prefer to participate in sports rather than watch, you can also join the Broomfield Recreation Center. It has a great childcare program, a climbing wall for both adults and children, a huge gym, an indoor pool with 2 water slides and an INDOOR RIVER that you can inner-tube around in. You may also consider checking out some of the local trails. Broomfield also has one of the best trail systems in the state. The trail connects Stearn Lake and Josh’s Pond.

A Brief history of Broomfield The creation of the City of Broomfield actually started with a man named Adolf Zang who purchased a piece of land in 1885. Back in 1881, tracks for the Denver, Utah and Pacific Railroad were laid in the general vicinity. They called the area Zang’s Spur. Adolf saw an opportunity to create a train stop in the location and seize it. Adolf would load the trains with local grain called Broomcorn, move it down the spur to the main railroad line and have it delivered in Denver to the Zang Brewing Company.

Zang’s spur was the beginning of the town of Broomfield. People began moving to the area shortly before the beginning of the 1900s. The town received its name from the Broomcorn that was growing in the area. It had everything a little town needs, including a grocery, a hotel, bank, a filling station, barbershop, lumber yard, pickle factory and other businesses.

Broomfield experienced little spurts of growth from 1885 to the 1950s. The one thing that really turned the city around and gave it life was the Boulder Turnpike being built. The Turnpike Land Company also had a lot to do with the development of the communities in Broomfield. The city was well on its way by 1961 when it was actually incorporated. The city planning and development commission decided it needed to have a retail sales tax base to further the city and soon after, they developed the Flatiron Crossing Mall. Broomfield is now the 64th county in the state of Colorado. It has thrived through all the challenges that it had in the beginning. The city continues to grow and change with the times.

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