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Briggsdale CO real estate information. If you might be interested in shopping for Briggsdale Colorado real estate, here are some useful facts. Typically, there are only about a dozen homes for sale within the town of Briggsdale itself. The prices for single family residences average about $212,000, but due to the small number of homes for sale that average can vary by as much as about $50,000 either way depending on what’s on the market at the moment. Prices in Briggsdale can be as low as about $125,000, and rarely go higher than the low $300,000 price range.

Briggsdale Colorado: ? brief history. Frank Briggs came to what is now the Colorado State Highway 14 corridor in northern Weld County to homestead in 1870. It took nearly four decades before he was joined by enough neighbors to consider founding a town. When the populace finally agreed to Frank Briggs’ demand that alcohol never be sold on any land he deeded for a township, Briggsdale was on its way.

It wasn’t long before Briggsdale had its own hotel, and a car salesman and gas stations doing their best to keep his customers on the roads. Its townspeople were even telephoning each other, connecting along the barbed wire fences which substituted for telephone poles. Briggsdale, for a rural farming community, was making nice progress.

But in 1930, as they did over most of the plains of America, dust clouds appeared over Briggsdale. Briggsdale, with an annual rainfall of only 11.7 inches, was a strictly dryland farming community, and the dust storms finished off many of its farmers. Those who stayed became wheat and barley farmers, and today are concentrating on livestock forage crops like millet, sorghum, and triticale.

Briggsdale attractions. Briggsdale’s largest attraction is, without a doubt, the Pawnee National Grassland, some four miles west along Highway 14. This national, natural treasure consisting of some 90,000 acres of native Colorado prairie, draws bird watcher from all over the U.S., and is famous for its Chalk Bluffs and the Pawnee Buttes. Its many trails offer ready access to hikers, and the Crow Valley Recreation Area offers reasonably-priced overnight camping facilities, sheltered by a stand of elm and cottonwood trees.

Briggsdale is 40 miles east of Fort Collins, and half-an-hour from the Weld county Seat at Greeley. Greeley’s Centennial Village is a 45-structure, eight-acre outdoor museum which commemorates life on Colorado’s high plains from 1860 to 1920.

Briggsdale today. Briggsdale is still a prototypical Colorado farming town, surrounded by wide open spaces, and its proximity to the Pawnee National Grassland means that it will remain so. Briggsdale is also within an hour’s drive of the Rocky Mountains, and not much farther away from the world-class sporting, dining, shopping, and cultural attractions of Denver. And speaking of culture, the Greeley Philharmonic Orchestra was one of the first symphony orchestras established west of the Mississippi.

While Briggsdale’s current population is less than two hundred, Weld County is seeing significant growth, and Briggsdale residents will benefit from all the business and economic opportunities that the county’s growth brings!

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