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Berthoud CO real estate information. If youíre thinking about purchasing Berthoud CO real estate, here are some numbers to get you started. All in all, there are usually about 200 homes for sale (190 actual houses, and 10 condos/townhomes.) The average price of single family homes is approximately $483K, and the average price for condominiums is approximately $204K. Berthoud CO real estate prices can be as low as $149,900 and can go up to around $5 million.

A moving history. Berthoud, Colorado homes arenít where they used to be. Perhaps the most unusual fact about the town of Berthoud is that it was moved: weíll tell you why.

After William Green Russellís discovery of gold began the 1858 Pikeís Peak or Bust gold rush, the rich, cottonwood-lined bottomland along Larimer Countyís Little Thompson Creek drew settlers who had given up on the gold fields and turned their thoughts to farming. The prairie sod, though, proved even tougher than the would-be farmers. So it was not until 1872, when the Colorado Central Railroad decided to extend its tracks over the Creek, that Central City rancher Lewis Cross filed a speculative homestead claim. When the tracks were completed in 1877, Cross had developed his claim with a depot, water tank, and section house. It wasnít much, but it was enough to get the area named after Edward Berthoud, the railroad surveyor who laid out the trackís route.

    Incidentally, as long as weíre on the name, the town is far from the similarly-named Berthoud Pass Ė a good 50 miles as the crow flies, or 100 road miles. That mountain pass, which takes US Highway 40 across the Continental Divide at over 11,000 ft. elevation, is the site of a now-closed ski area that still attracts back-country skiers.

Back to the town, the railroad did for it what the abandoned farming community could not. By the 1880s Berthoud had seen an influx of residents and business owners. But the railroad officials themselves, by then, realized that the grade ascending from Berthoud into the mountains was too steep for their locomotives to negotiate in the wintertime. Instead of deciding to bypass Berthoud completely, they encouraged its citizens to move the town. So in the winter of 1883, Berthoudís structures were removed from their foundations, placed on skids, and dragged under horse, mule, and oxen power to their present location on a bluff one mile north of Little Thompson Creek. With its plentiful water, the location allowed Berthoudís farmers to flourish. More businesses followed, and the city was on its way.

Berthoud attractions. Little Thompson Creek, which saw Berthoudís first settlers, has its headwaters in Estes Park, and Rocky Mountain National Park is less than a hourís drive away. Both parks are havens for hikers, climbers, fishermen, and wildlife enthusiasts. Rocky Mountain National Parkís Trail Ridge Road is the highest paved road in the U.S. and gives those who travel it unsurpassed views of the parkís more than one hundred 10,000 foot peaks.

Berthoudís citizens are extremely proud of their cityís reputation as ďThe Garden Spot of Colorado,Ē and are determined to preserve the townís heritage. The Little Thompson Valley Pioneer Museum offers historical exhibits, home tours, and a lecture series. Itís also home to the Bunyan Observatory.

Berthoud today. When Berthoudís Mountain Avenue was incorporated into Coloradoís paved highway system in the 1920s, the little community became much more accessible by automobile. Lined with stately overarching trees, especially in the neighborhoods north of Mountain Avenue and west of Highway 287, its quiet residential streets give Berthoud a distinctly ďMayberryĒ character.

Berthoudís proximity to some of Coloradoís richest farmland, its unspoiled views of the Front Range, and its quaint, friendly downtown have put it in the real estate development bullseye. Berthoudís city planners have initiated a series of workshops to include its residents in a comprehensive planning project which will permit sustainable growth without sacrificing Berthoudís simple, charming way of life.

Population statistics for Berthoud Colorado.: The population in the city of Berthoud as of the last census was 4,935, and there were 1,907 housing units. The current inventory of homes for sale compared to the total number of housing units can be a great indicator of whether a certain city is saturated, or not, at the current time. That number could make a big difference in what you might pay for the home you are thinking of buying.

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